The top management of the famous brand Paoletti is not the only one to be pleased. Above all the technicians and the whole organizational and administrative staff of Halal International Authority are very satisfied with the result achieved. Thanks to the Halal certification issued by the only Italian Authority officially acknowledged by the World Halal Food Council – the only worldwide entity having a decision-making power as regards Halal certifications – the historical company from Ascoli which has produced traditional drinks such as spuma, gassosa, orange and chinotto drink for over a hundred years, can now cross Italy’s borders and export its products worldwide and particularly to Arab Countries. Thanks to a great synergy between the Company’s top management and the Authority, the products have decided to comply with the principles and the dictates of Islam’s Shariah, starting from the image chosen for the labels. The brand is characterised by the face of the famous “Tina”, who for this occasion has decided to wear a chador, a veil used by women in the Islamic Countries to fully respect the precepts as well as the customs and traditions of these regions. General Director Mohamed Elkafrawy, who is one of the HIA charter members as well as one of the directors and legal representatives of the Authority’s Board of Directors, said: “We are proud to say that we have contributed to reach a great goal for this famous and historical Italian company, because the certification released by our Authority is the fruit of a synergy and collaboration between our technicians (who had to analyse the various stages of processing, production, labelling, packaging and storage) and the Company’s sector experts. During the audits carried out we met skilled staff open to fulfil our technical-professional requirements in order to obtain the certification in a fast and excellent way.” “This proves – added Elkafrawy – that all Italian companies, if they really want to, can obtain the certification and make a long-term investment challenging the economic crisis which is still hitting our Country.”
HIA President Sharif Lorenzini, who is also a charter member and one of the directors of Halal International Authority, is satisfied too. “To certify this Italian company – said Lorenzini – also means to meet the demand of that part of the Italian market made up by thousands of Muslim consumers who live in our Country and for whom it is often very difficult to purchase products that unfortunately are not considered Halal compliant. In fact, the compliance of products with the Shariah is fundamental for the Islamic communities who live in Italy. Opening up to the Islamic world, above all in the case of the Italian companies, can lead to large profits. The current turnover is over 7 billion in Italy and over 90 billion in Europe – Lorenzini highlights – In the last two years 350 Italian companies have obtained the certification and now export to Countries with an Islamic majority and wherever there are Islamic communities and minorities. Italian companies started to work in this sector only a few years ago. The possibilities for development are remarkable and this will surely help the economic growth of the Country, especially because the quality of made-in-Italy has a great appeal for Islamic citizens, who always look for excellence products”
So, a more than fruitful future seems to expect Paoletti. “We obtained the Halal certification – owners Giancarlo e Pierluigi Paoletti declared – thanks to which our products, especially gassosa and spuma bionda, have been deemed compliant with Shariah dictates. We would like to stress that this is not a multinational corporation, but it is a historical company deeply rooted in its territory which has always had a vocation for innovation and for making new experiences not only in business, but also from a human and cultural point of view.”

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